Hi, guys. Chelsea here. Welcome to my recently created blog, Dark Side of My Mind. I’m just your every day introvert longing to discover my true purpose. A wishful thinker searching for a deeper meaning in it all. I’ve been a hopeless romantic all my life, and I don’t see that ever changing. I believe in true love, and I believe that there is magic in the world despite all the bad in it. I’m a optimistic pessimist, with the potential to over-analyze any given situation. I know my flaws, and I know my strengths. I write almost as much as a breathe, but hardly make anything of it all because well, as John Greene once wrote,

 “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations”.

To put in short, I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts. But I’m hoping to put a few pieces of my puzzle together here…


P.S. Floyd inspiration aside, you’ll see that there is more than one clear origin to my blog’s title. There’s a light side, and a dark. But grey area’s are what my brain mostly consists of, as well as countless made-up realities, scenarios, and fantasies. I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, the lunatic is in my head… and I’m just fine with that.

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